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How do I configure Domino to open the database that I want when accessing via a web browser.

For example, lets say I have already registered a domain,, and It is now pointed to my domino server.
Ok, now lets say the database I want to access is helpme.nsf.
Now I know that if I type:

this will have the desired effect, but what I want to know is how and where do I configure domino so that when somebody types

into their browser, it takes them into my app/database that I want?

I don't want people to have to worry about the helpme.nsf?open part

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What version of Domino are you using?

Hi mr880,

If you are using R5,

Open your server document, go to Internet protocal tab, under Mapping section , Chage the Home URL field to /helpme.nsf?open.

If you are using 4.5 or above, open server document and change Home url field.


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mr880Author Commented:
Thanks Antony,

That was how I thought it should be done from having read documentation, but for some reason even when I changed the Home URL field it was still not showing.
I guess I thought I was doing something wrong and there was more to it than just changing the Home URL field.

This time however I rebooted the Domino server and it worked.

Thank for the help anyway.

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