New Hard Drive problems

Hi All,
  My computer is a Compaq Deskpro 2000.
Original HD is a 3GB Western Digital.  On this HD,  I have 2 partitions.  The first (C Drive) boots to Win95.  The second partition (D Drive) boots to WinNT.

   I have the second hard drive installed,  a Seagate 8.4 GB.  However,  some really strange things are happening.
   What I have checked:
1) Latest version of BIOS
2) Correct Jumper settings
3) Correct Cable Configuration according to the manual and directions
  Original Configuration:
Single Hard Drive - 2 partitions
1) C Drive - Windows 95 - Active Partition
2) D Drive - Windows NT
  New Configuration:
1) Win95 and Windows NT on Master Hard drive with 2 partitions
2) Slave (new) Hard drive has 6 partitions of about 1.4 GB per partition.
  Strange symptoms:
1) When I boot to Windows 95,  C and D drive are same as original.  However,  the CD ROM is NOT found. All other partitions are viewable.
2) When I boot to Windows NT,  C drive is the same,  but what was the D drive in 95 becomes the I drive in NT and the D Drive becomes a partition on the new hard drive with all other partitions viewable.  So,  many of the program settings are messed up.  The CD ROM is, however, found.
3) If I login to the network,  the F drive will be a network drive and hide the F partition of the new drive.  All other partitions are visible. If I do not login to the network,  the F drive is seen as a partition on the new hard drive.
  The type of CD-ROM is a Compaq 24x CD ROM revision ZD18 MATSHITA CD- CR-5850.

1) How do I keep the same drive names no matter which OS is booted?
2) How do I view all partitions when logged into the network?
3) How do I always see the CD-ROM?
4) How do I install more operating systems?  I need on the new drive - 1 Win95, 2 Win 98, 2 Win NT, 1 LINUX.

No recommendations for third party software unless you give me time to buy it,  install it, and test it,  then give you points.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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First thing with your orignal HD partitioned into 2 partitions, then you add new HD with 6 partitions, the HD lettering will go like this:
C: first partition on master HD
D: first partition on slave HD
E: second partition on master HD
F: second partition on slave HD
F: third partition on slave HD
G: fourth partition on slave HD
H: fifth partition on slave HD
I; sixth partition on slave HD
J: CD-Rom
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
That would be great.  So,  how do I do this?
That should be the way it does it from Windoze without any input from you, it is very hard to change the HD lettering.
If this isn't the way yours get setup then I would suspect there may be a problem with the partitioning.
What program did you use to partition the HD? FDISK?
Did you format each partition after you partitioned the HD
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What FAT did you set them up with? FAT or FAT32

Since you said no third party software then I will assume you don't have Partition Magic, This I believe is what you need to set the 2 HD's up with the different OS and let you do what you want with the least headaches
You can use Disk Administrator in Windows NT Administrative Tools to assign drive letters. However, be careful how you're assigning drive letters for partitions that store your OS files (NT specifically, since W95 will always be C:).
It a bit messy with any boot manager with several versions of the same os.

Most partition programs won't like more than 4 partitions if you intend to boot from them. Even partition magic won't like setting more than 4 different OS partitions on one drive.

I can offer a safe solution that costs nothing but i'll specify that its only for one of each OS and must be done as a fresh install.

The only odd requirement is that the bios can be switched from primary boot c: or d:.
And don't install any extra software until the job is complete especially on the NT system.

We'll do the new drive first mounted as IDE primary master.
Other drive as 2ndary IDE master
CDrom 2ndary slave.

Fdisk everything as FAT16 at <= 2.1 gig.
Its common currency with all the os's you wish to use which means NT,win9# and linux can see them.
Do the partitoning as required in the setting up and not prior to doing everything.

3. Install win98 as usual on the first partiton.

4. Install NT on a seperate partition that is created by you in the setup stage.

5. If you have linux, then install it and configure the LILO system for multi boot.

6. To install win95, in bios settings change from c: primary boot to d: primary boot.

When you reboot the other drive becomes c: drive. Fdisk and make bootable.
Some versions of Fdisk will see the other drive and not allow this drive to made bootable. To get arround this, in bios settings while installing this drive,temporally make the otherdrive not seen in bios.

Install win95.

Use NT's disk administator to configure spare partitions and organise drive number mappings probably the same as win98 sees them, other than linux which requires several partitions it makes.

Optional note: you could install linux and LILO in the 2nd drive and leave NT's boot manager to control the first drive.
I'll assume you know how Linux works with mounting MSDOS partitions.

At the end of this by selecting in bios boot settings, you can choose which drive.

In relation to your cdrom problem, this should be looked at after all the setting up has been done but if it can be seen using the win98 emergency floppy tbhat you will use to install everything from cdrom then its a config problem that should be easy to fix.


Re: section 6 of above.
This works if your bios supports D,A, boot sequence.

If not you will have to move the other HD over to the primary IDE channel for the installion so the floppy will boot for cdrom install.

Move it back afterwards.
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
Well,  the sequence of hard drives and the CD allow me to boot without errors.

However,  what I get in FDISK is:
Disk 1 - C,E,F,G,H,I Drive 1.344 GB
Disk 2 - D Drive - 1.2 GB
         K Drive - 1.8 GB

In DOS,  the CD ROM is L.

However,  Win98 will not install becuase it says it will not make upgrades,  only full installs.  C Drive is empty.  What could it think it it upgrading?

I am content with the assignment of drive names.  I just want to be able to install now.
Are you sure you have the jumpers right for the master\slave setting for the two HD's, it sounds like you have the 8.4GB set as master and the 3GB set as slave
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
No,  I checked.  They are correct.
Actually,  I made progress.  I now have Win95 on the (new) C drive and WinNT on the (new) E drive.

Unfortuantely,  I will lose everything on the old hard drive.  But I copied all needed files to the new drive.  So,  I can reformat the old drives and start from scratch on them.

What's even better,  the new Win95 and the new WinNT can see all of the same drives in the same order AND my CD ROM works on both OS's.

The trick now is to get more operating systems installed.  However,  I do have one setback.  I can not get access to the BIOS.  There is no longer an option to press F10 when booting up.
Any ideas?

That is because you have a Compaq, it uses a small partition at the begining of the HD to access the CMOS setup, BUT you can goto Compaq's site and download the two softpaq's that will enable you to make bootable floppies so you can access the CMOS setup and the Dianogtics that you could before. There is a way to put this partition back on a new HD but you must do that before installing any programs, It is just as easy to use the floppies but not as fast is all
go to this link and choose your model number and you can download the correct softpaq that you need

Better to get it now since it is hard to tell when you may need it, and someday you will need it for sure
So the drive letter assignments are all ok at this time??

Sounds like time for Lilo to allow for the multiple opperating system boot.

> Win98 will not install becuase it says it will not make upgrades,

This is because 98 is finding your other instalations on the system.  To get around this, rename all instances of WIN.COM on every drive, and try the install again.
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
rayt333,  the files I downloaded to upgrade the BIOS did not work because of some missing image file.

Jason_S,  this may be a dump set of questions but: 1) What do I rename to? 2) I would like to put Win98 on a different drive,  can I do that without upgrading win95? 3) Will I need to rename back?

DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
  OK.  I need to confess.  I have not even tough UNIX in over 4 years.  What is LILO?  Is this an option when installing Linux?

> 1) What do I rename to?
>  3) Will I need to rename back?

Rename to win.tmp, or something.  Then after 98 is installed, you can rename the file back to

> 2) I would like to put Win98 on a different drive,  can I do that without upgrading win95?


As I understand, the version of 98 you have is a full install, and will not let you perform an upgrade.  By renaming the file, you are fooling 98 into thinking there is no previous installation.

>  What is LILO?

LILO is a linux boot manager.  Actually any number of boot managers out there will do the trick.  Just do a search for "Boot Manager" on any search engine and you will find allot of them.
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
BTW,  I just found out from COMPAQ that this hard drive (Seagate) does not allow the F10 Setup to be run except by floppy disk.

Any new ideas how to get more OS's on here?
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information.
Actually, I found out from COMPAQ that the Seagate 8.4 GB Hard drive will only allow me to view the BIOS from running the F10 setup on floppy disks.
Since this is getting more difficult, I am increasing the pointes to 750.
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
OK,  making some progress.
I now have C:\Win95,  E:\WinNT,  
and F:\Win98.
However,  I need to adjust 2 files in order to switch from Win95 to Win98: Msdos.sys

and Config.sys

....Change 95 to 98 each time as well as C to F.

Other than creating a BAT file,  is there an easier way to handle this?

DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
So,  if I install LILO boot manager, it will keep all my partitions and OSs and allow me to choose where to install LINUX?
I searched for LILO and all I found were software products that could handle the installation of multiple OSs such as windows and LINUX.  Do you have a recommended LILO product (or web site which I could download this)?
The BIOS setup is not a problem.  This normaly is stored on a section of the hard drive.  But since you wiped it clean, the floppy is the way to go.

A batch file is one way to do it.
You could also try hitting F8, and see if you will be able to boot the previous version OS.  Otherwise try using a bot manager.  I have not actualy used one myself, but LILO seems to be a popular one.  I don't believe you need to actualy install Linux.
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
I think I will stick with making a BAT file in DOS because (from what I hear from other coworkers),  there are really no reliable 3rd party packages that handle that boot management.  Eventually,  everything crashes.

Now,  I will focus on getting some other OS's on here.

I will split the points between metmage and Jason_s somehow if I can.
Thanks for your help.
To split the points, post a zero point question in the Customer Service area asking for assistance with this.

Glad to have been able to help.

I received an email from DoughBoy asking if I could split the points on this question between netmage and Jason_S.

I am answering this question so it can be saved as a PAQ. I have issued separate questions for the 2 experts involved so they can claim thier points.

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