Calling Dll in VB...

I wanted to call C dll in VB.
Can someone help me. Just mail me a CPP and DEF file for C Dll, and  source
code for VB having one function with one argument that is passed by VB to Function in C dll. I hope by working on that I'll able to do my required job( Making and calling complex functions)
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Posting it here:

..C file:

PURPOSE:      Calculates track lenght for MP3s
      IN szFile:            Track to check
RETURNS:      The lenght of the track in seconds, or -1 if failed
NOTES:            Supports layer 1 MPEG3 files ONLY

long _stdcall
GetTrackLength(char *szFile)
      int var=0;
      int hFile;
      int i;
      long lng;
      int bitrate;
      int freq;
      int freqN;
      char buf[512];
      int fl;
      int layer;
      BOOL flag;

      float arr[3][3] = {            {8.707483f,  8.0f, 12.0f},
                                          {26.12245f, 24.0f, 36.0f},
                                 {26.12245f, 24.0f, 36.0f}
      hFile=_open(szFile, _O_BINARY | _O_RDONLY);
      _read(hFile, &buf, sizeof(buf));
      fl=_lseek(hFile,0, SEEK_END);
      memmove(&var, buf, 4);
      if (var==0xA0D2020) return -1;
      for(i=0; i<512; i++)
            memmove(&var, buf+i, 4);
            if (((lng >> 21) & 0x7FF) != 0x7FF) continue;
            if (((lng >> 20) & 0x1) == 0) continue;        /*Only version 1 and 2 are valid*/
            if (((lng >> 17) & 0x3) == 0) continue;        /*00 is invalid layer*/
            if (((lng >> 12) & 0xF) == 0xF) continue; /*1111 is invalid bitrate*/
            if (((lng >> 10) & 0x3) == 0x3) continue; /*11 is invalid fequency*/
            if ((lng & 0x3) == 0x2) continue;              /*10 is invalid*/
            bitrate=(lng >> 12) & 0xF;
            freq=(lng >> 10) & 0x3;
            if(bitrate>0x0 && bitrate<0x6) bitrate = bitrate * 8000 + 24000;
            if(bitrate>0x5 && bitrate<0xA) bitrate = 80000 + (bitrate - 6) * 16000;
            if(bitrate>0x9 && bitrate<0xF) bitrate = 160000 + (bitrate-10) * 32000;
            layer=(lng >> 17) & 0x3;
            if(layer!=1) return -1;
            if(freq==0) freq = 44100;
            if(freq==1) freq = 48000;
            if(freq==2) freq = 32000;
            return (LONG)((fl / (144 * bitrate / freq + ((lng>>0x09) & 0x1)))*arr[3-layer][freqN]/1000);

      return -1;

..DEF file:

      GetTrackLength      @1

Call from VB:

'put this line in a module:

Declare Function GetTrackLength Lib "MP3APL.DLL" (ByVal szFile As String) As Long

'To call:

Dim L as long


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fmuftiAuthor Commented:
Thanx u have give a pritty lenghty routine. I want a simple routine. So that I can understand it better. I write the fol code

int MyBeep(void)
// Beep
//MessageBeep( (WORD) -1 );
return 1;
int MyDelay( long wait )
// Delay.
return 1;
VB I declare in module as:
Declare Function MyDelay Lib "C:\vb5prg\dll\mydll\Release\MyDll" (ByVal wait As Long) As Integer
Declare Function MyBeep Lib "C:\vb5prg\dll\mydll\Release\MyDll" () As Integer
I then made a button in a form with fol code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim l As Long
Dim p As Long
p = MyBeep
l = MyDelay(500)
End Sub
My Beep Message works fine as it does not take any arguments, but for MyDelay it gives error"Error 49, Bad Dll calling conversion. Can u guide me why. ? In fact I have to write a simple routine in VB which uses dll to send data on Parallel  port. That data is to be send from vb to dll.
I hope now u can be able to reply me more precisely.
fmuftiAuthor Commented:
I have also define the functions as u have defined in DEF file.
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The problem is with the declaration: In C++, int is 32 bit, so actualy there is no difference between it and long. In VB, Integer is 16 bit, so this is why the error occures. It should be:

Declare Function MyDelay Lib "C:\vb5prg\dll\mydll\Release\MyDll" (ByVal wait As Long) As Long
Declare Function MyBeep Lib "C:\vb5prg\dll\mydll\Release\MyDll" () As Long

fmuftiAuthor Commented:
I have tried but again failure, my email is, can u mail the code that I have written after checking it on VC and VB. So that I can mail u if required in return the code and u'll be able to find the problem.
Just sent
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