Spool32.exe errors

I have been having several spool32.exe errors on several computer configurations.  The systems all use WIN95 with WP Suite 7 and either an HP LaserJet 6P, or an HP 660C ink jet printer.  Windows and Suite 7 have been reinstalled several times.  Is there a fix?
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greinerrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Supposedly there is a patch on Microsoft.com that corrects this problem.  Although I have never been able to locate it.  If this is a network printer, as a workaround, set the the HPLJ 6p, that you want to print to, as your LPT2 and as your default printer.  Then install another printer driver on your LPT1.  Works for us. Good luck
Check the spool settings

What is the data format and is it set to spool entire doc or first page before printing?

Also, is this/these a local or network printer?
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