Ultra DMA 66 Hard Drive

I failed to install redhat 6.0 to my computer because it
does not recognize my Ultra 66 hard drive.

How can I activate Ultra DMA suport in linux so that I can
succesfully install redhat6.0 to my computer?

My computer motherboard (ABIT BE6) has a built in Ultra 66
controller and IBM ultra 66 hard drive.
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
the hpt controller that abit uses isnt supported.

look at


for possible workarounds
humm you can`t. You have to patch your current kernel or try a developpement kernel.
What you can do is plug your hd on the ata33 controlleur (you have 2 connectors for ata66 and 2 ata33)
install linux.
after installation patch/upgrade kernel
in the kernel config /usr/src/linux/make menuconfig
under ide controlleur enable udma i think the controlleur abit use is hptsomething.. look in the motherboard manual or web site
compile and install the new kernel
after that shutdown plug your hd on the ata66
and it should work (done it my self but on an off-board card promise66)

you can also try the boot disk promise give me (www.promise)
it work well for redhat6.0... dont known for your motherboard
Good Luck!
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