Plug-in to open Word Documents with Netscape

Where can I find a plug-in to open Word documents attached to Netscape e-mails  - received on a Mac.
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There is no plugin. Word documents are notoriously fussy. Some word 6 documents cannot be opened by word 5 and then version 7 wont open anything etc etc etc..its a grand MS mess. BUT...there is a savior. MacLink from . Maclink will attempt to translate all the file types into things you can read. There is another way but not nearly as clean. Canopener (which you can get via will open any file and display the text within. This however does not strip out all the MS goop that gets stuck in with a word file and also doesnt format the text the way it was supposed to be. But its good in a crunch when you NEED THAT TEXT! Hope this helps.

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PinchotAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I'll check it out. So this is for opening Word documents attached to e-mails while on line using Netscape on a Mac?
We have no problem doing this on our Windows machines.
This is for opening word documents period. Regardless of whether youre in netscape or not. The reason you have no problem on the windows machines is because MS made the mac version of word and the PC version of word not like eachother very much. The document thats being sent to you was made on a PC.
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