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I'm planning a multimedia CD wrote in HTML which is simply a slide show of images and animations. This CD will be for windows 95/98NT only.
My question: How well supported is the embed tag on the windows platfrom? If I embed a AVI file into my page, will all windows browsers be able to see it?
If not is there a different more suported way to display a avi in a html document under windows?
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chewymonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As long as the default browser is IE4, Netscape3 or above, it should work.  If the user has something else set it might not.  Since you are going for Win95/98/NT only; it shuld be possible to write a code that will open it in IE instead of anything else.  Win95/98 are almost guarenteed to have IE installed, NT is more problematical.  It is possible, but not common, to install NT with no bowser.
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