samba password w/ 98

I previously set up a Samba server on a LAN made up of a few
linux boxes and 2 win boxes (98 and NT). I set up samba on one of the linux boxes for file serving to all of the machines.  I am having trouble with the win98 machine, when i goto the network neighborhood and open the partition on the samba server i am prompted for a password, i enter the password for that user's login on the samba server and get an access denied.  I was wondering if this has to do with some sort of password encryption that 98 is trying to do but smaba doesn't support.  
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There is possibly an encryption issue but that would affect the NT machine also. It's more likely a username issue. Does the username you log into the 98 box with exist on the Linux box too?
You can also try to use smbpasswd

> smbpasswd -a USERNAME

the -a options adds a passwd to the passwd list of smb.
One other thing to try is to edit the smb.conf file and make sure that your samba workgroup matches your windows workgroups/domain (not a tcp/ip domain).  This setting is easily changed and occurs near the beginning of the file.  Also, make sure you enter the ip address of the windows machines in the allow access section of the smb.conf file.

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This is definately an encryption issue.  Ever since 95 OSR2 Window$ has been using encryption on passwords.  You have two options...You can either a) turn on encrypted passwords in your /etc/smb.conf file, not recommended to do until you have read quite a few man pages...they show what all needs to be done.  or b) enable plain text password on the Window$ boxes.  The later is the easiest way to correct this problem, but it does cause a slight security issue.
There is an NT registry key (see knowledgebase to allow clear text password authentication.  I dont' recall it off the top of my head but it is easy to find, easy to change, and as always with Windows....will require a reboot.
True, but will the NT registry key work with Win98?  Since according to the above notes that is what he is experiencing difficulity with.  Dosen't really matter...there is a Win98 registry too...I also do not remember the exact url, but I do have the files if anyone needs them...:}
Both Win98 and WinNT use encrypted passwords.  To see if encryption is the cause add "encrypt passwords = yes" without the quotes to the global section of your smb.conf file and restart the server.

If this doesn't work try "smbadduser <username>:<username>"


smbadduser johndoe:johndoe

As long as johndoe is a valid login name for the Linux box you'll be asked to give johndoe a password.  This password is different than the login password.

If you use the smb username and password as your Windows login you won't be prompted to enter a username/password again to access the samba share.
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