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hi all...

iwant to know, how to make line efect like header picture in the experts-exchange...?, thank you....;-)

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webwebwebAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Sam's solution:

Now this is a guess on my part but.

The effect they are trying to achieve is called interlacing, which is common with video.

the idea is that the video compression format leaves this little line between the images.

Step one:
create a new layer
create a white one pixel thick line by holding shift and using the line tool. (make sure to start drawing the line outside of the drawing area)

Step two:
select the line, and four pixels below it, using rectangular select.
then edit, define pattern

step three:
select all and fill layer with pattern.
If the spacing between the lines is to much, create a new layer, fill it with the pattern, and using the move tool, tap the down arrow key until it's just right.
If you need closer lines, fill pattern move again.

step four:
make the layers with the lines, overlays.

anything under those layers, should look like it has been interlaced.  Works especially well on photos, looks just like real interlaced video.

if you want it to look exactly like the header above, your images will need to be monochromatic and lightened a bit.

webwebwebAuthor Commented:
mmmm...... nice, thank's...;-)

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