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I have Pentium II computer with Windows 98 OS. Also I have another Pentium II with Windows 98 too. How I can make connection to Internet those two computers same time?
I went on Windows Update Site and is a lot of options to download. Anybody can help me out which update do I need to download?

Thank you,
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I believe you need Internet Connection Sharing, which is not availible through the download. You have to purchase Win98 SR2. You could also buy a proxy server(there may be some free ones out there)

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Fist you need to network your two PCs together. Need an eithernet card in each then connect them together with Cat 5 wire with a rj45 connector on them. Easy to purchase at any PC store. On each PC you can also set up for file and printer sharing. As for software Wingate is very popular, check out this URL:

adam0124Author Commented:
I just buy new full version of Windows 98 and sale person told me I could do it by this version of Windows. Be honest with you I'm getting sick and tired updating this Windows every 10 months. I just spend 120.00 dollars. It is other way to establish this kinds problem? I find out on my own I have to have Windows 98 Second Edition. Unfortunately this Windows what I did purchase 10 months ago doesn't have this possibility. I was thinking they might have options to download for owners of Windows 98 some software, on the home site of
Thank you.
I would strongly recommend avoiding using the Win98 Internet Sharing Connection, since this does not fully allow the "slave" PC to connect to the Internet. Try out the "firewall" from Sygate insted (obtain 30 days free evaluation from:

Using Sygate allows your "server" (The PC holding the modem) to act as a DNS server and gateway for ANY type of computer on the internal ethernet (I've tried: MAC, SGI, Linux, SUN, DOS, W31x, W95, W98, NT... anything able to use the TCP/IP protocol). It also offers DHCP (Dynamically Assigned IP adresses) and firewall functions.

With Sygate all you need is to assign each computer a unique name and tell them the IP adress of the "modem-server" as gateway and you are up and running. There is nice and userfriendly setup tool for the "server", allowing you to select the "time-to-disconnect-automatically" and where to connect to.

When a client needs "Internet-data" it will automatically try the gateway for access and Sygate then enables the connection.

Sygate allows multible users sharing the same modem, running different programs (IRC, Quake, WWW....) at the same time.

Only the "server" will need to have the Sygate program installed, all others just use the TCP/IP gateway function.

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