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My friend call me to help him as it usualy hapend He has on his Pentium Pc installed Win 3.11.Now he want to install Win98 and remove 3.11.What steps I should follow and what to be carefull about.
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The way I do it is as follows, but there are a lot of other
ways, and the others here will advise you of them, but
below is my method.

I boot into the C:\>prompt, and then I type: CD\WINDOWS
and press enter.

At the C:\WINDOWS>prompt I type: DEL WIN.COM and press

I then type: DEL COMMAND.COM and press enter.

I then put the WINDOWS 98 boot and setup disk in the A:\
drive, and the WINDOWS 98 CD-ROM DISK in the CD-ROM
DRIVE, and turn off the Computer and turn it back on.

The above method is if you have the FULL VERSION of

If you have the UPGRADE VERSION of WINDOWS 98, just
put the boot and setup disk in A:\ drive and the UPGRADE
WIN 98 CD in your CD-ROM DRIVE and re-boot you computer
and follow instructions.

1. make sure that you have at least 200MB free on your hard
disk before starting all this.
What is wrong with just running setup within win3.11? it will replace the OS boot files during the install anyway? Also, from what I recall, upgrade or full edition will run with 3.11 already there. Curious.

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TarasAuthor Commented:
I was just wondering if I want to get on space could I first buckup data files and than fdisk, format disk with boot Win98 and CD Win98 install Windows and put data files back.
Thanks lot
Yes you can do it like that and it will work.

Many people do it this way.

Just rember to only restore data files that your friend has made
himself, do not try to restore any DOS or WINDOWS 3.11
System files.
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