This should be an easy question

Ok, this may sound stupid, but I just upgraded from photoshop 4 to photoshop 5, and i would like to know how to draw a strait line in ps5.  There was a line tool in ps4 but now it is gone.  How do i do this?????
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forkbeardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The line tool is located under the pencil tool. (fifth down on right)

You'll notice a few other things have been moved around the more you work in PS5.  Don't know why but they always shuffle tools and key commands.

But the annoyance is well worth it, because version 5 in wonderful.  Don't know how I lived without 'History'.

MetallicAAuthor Commented:
kewl, thanks.  I just got ps5 so I am just finding this stuff out.  I am glad I got it because I got so annoyed without history too :-)
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