upcase statement

a users inputs a string such as
(the cow jumped over the moon)
how can i convert this string or any other string so that the first letter of each word is turned into uppercase
(The Cow Jumped Over The Moon)

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i suppose words are separated only by space (or spaces)... then the following should work: (i is integer, s is a string, and b is a boolean)

for i:=1 to Length(s) do begin
   if (b) then begin
      if (s[i]<>' ') then begin
   end else begin
      if (s[i]=' ') then b:=true;

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GANDALPHAuthor Commented:
hello lychee

i am not sure if i have awarded you your well deserved points

i am new to the web and new to programming so things at the moment are a little bit confusing

i suppose with time i will get better

your program suggestion worked great

i hadnt come across the boolean statement before so it took me a bit of time to look it up and work it out from there

but it does the job and i am greatfull


just keep at it :)
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