One computer with 2 printers

hi, I have an application that needs to connect to two or more printers with the same computer. what solution can I have to do that?
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Your best bet is to head to a decent computer store and purchase an I/O card that will give you a second parallel port. Install that port as LPT2. Then attach one printer to LPT1, and the second printer to LTP2.

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chrislee8Author Commented:
thank you first, But what if I have more than two printers, say like 5 printers?

thank you

chris :)
Here's how I handle the printer glut problem. I have constructed a small network, mostly consisting of computers that others have discarded in their quest for the perfect toy. I attach printers to each of the computers, and share the printers out to the network. I also have individual computers specialize in particular tasks. For instance, one is my scanning station, another is my voice mail and fax station, etc. I don't have to worry about overloading a particular machine that way.

If I had to worry about five printers on one computer, I'd probably establish a permanent connection on LPT1 for my "favorite" printer, and share the LPT2 port among the rest by manually connecting the cable to the printer I wanted to use at that moment. It doesn't bother a computer to have the parallel port cable hooked up and unhooked while the computer is live. I just make sure the printer is turned off when I do it. Then I turn it back on and select it for printing. Of course finding space for five printers in my small office would be the real challenge.
chrislee8Author Commented:
I have increase the points to 10.
That won't solve my case. My application is designed for a restaurant. They need only one printer and 3 to 5 printers. I can't tell them to connect and disconnect the printer when needed.

I am sure you have other solution for my problem :)

Thank you first

Sorry, I was assuming a home environment and someone who had a bunch of printers at hand to use occasionally.

The traditional way to solve your problem is with a small local area network, having the printers installed on the network, either off modest print servers, or as network printers with their own network controllers.

Since this is really a commercial application if you want more information you are going to have to provide a lot more information, and it wouldn't hurt to offer more points as well to get others interested.
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