Print Screen/SysRq key

I have a Windows keyboard.  My computer is an IBM Aptiva, running at 200 Mhz.  In the upper right corner of the keyboard are three keys: Print Screen (on top of key)/SysRq (on side of key), Scroll Lock, Pause (on top of key)/Break (on side of key).  I know how to use Scroll lock, but not the other two.  How does one cause the Print Screen key to work?  What does the SysRq key do? What is the purpose of the Pause/Break key?
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Well if you use Print Screen then it will take snapshoot of your desktop in windows and then if you use paint and then edit paste you will see it in paint.

Pause/Break will pause your system when it  boots  

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>>Pause/Break will pause your system when it boots

In reality, that key suspends processor activity while running a DOS application; that's why you can stop the machine (to view the screen comfortably) when you see the message "Starting Windoze 9x" (hence the name "Pause").

If you type Crtl-Pause (formerly speaking, a Break) you can interrupt a DOS application (while it's doing I/O at keyborad/monitor). Also, if you're developing a Visual Basic application, Break will stop your program when running, a useful trick when your program falls into an endless loop or something like.

Didn't the 'SysRq' key do just that in the early days of DOS, making the keyboard interupt handler trigger it's own interupt?

In Windows NT/98, (95?) pressing PrintScreen will place a copy of the screen (including any multiple monitors you have connected) onto the clipboard. From there you can paste into a graphics application like Paint or PSP or whatever.
But if you are just after the window that has the current focus, holding down the left 'Alt' key while you press the PrinScreen key will just place that window onto the clipboard.
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