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I would like to know if there is a way to upgrade Windows 95 from a Windows 98 Full install CD.  I have never heard of a way but thought there might be.  Or, if there is a way for this, is there a way to upgrade windows 95 with the Win98-->Windows 98SE upgrade CD.  The upgrade for win95-->win98SE is very expensive but the win98-->win98se cd is cheap.  Would be more economical ;)
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MK, while upgrading using either the full retail or OEM version is possible (two methods below), it is normally not recommended for many reasons, some of which I'll cover here.

While some Win95 to Win98 upgrades go well, even more have problems due to the large number of old files left behind. Therefore, it is my recommendation that you save you important files to floppy or another drive and then format and install 98 clean.

As for the second edition, that comes in at least 5 flavors. The full retail version, the OEM version, the Win98 SE full upgrade, the Win98 SE Update CD ($20 US) and the Downloadable update. So, without knowing which you are referring to, that part of your question is difficult to answer.


Method I
Although it is not recommended that you upgrade a Windows 95 system using the full retail version of Windows 98 or the OEM version of Windows 98, it can be done if you are careful. Normally when you try to do so, you will incur a SU0168 error that states that the computer already has an operating system installed. To avoid this error and continue with the installation, try the following:

1. From within Windows 95 insert the Windows 98 CD into the drive and run setup normally either through using the CD's autorun feature or by clicking Start, Run and typing D:\Setup /d /p f <OK>.

2. Once setup has started and has finished copying the initial files, stop setup and open Wordpad and look for a directory named Winsetup.000. In this directory, look for a file named Setupp.inf and open it in Wordpad.

3. As you look through this file, you will come to the data section, which will have the heading in brackets [Data]. Now enter a new line below this heading "OEMUP=1" (without quotation marks). It will look like this:


Now save the file and re-run the upgrade.

Method II

1. Boot to a MS-DOS prompt and rename WIN.COM to WIN.OLD

2. Run setup by typing D:\setup /d /p f<enter>

the switches /d /p f will cause the install to ignore your current Win.ini and System.ini and rewrite them as well as the Win95 registry.


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If you use Method II above does this allow you to keep all the programs listed in the program menu, as an upgrade version does? Or do you have to reinstall them to get them listed in the program menu

Same question for Method I?
This is for general knowledge for the next time I have to reinstall. I have done this for several friends but since all they had was OEM disk I used my upgrade version to reinstall then I have to go into the registy to change the Reg. number from mine to their OEM number, I was wondering if this would be easier
As long as you do not use any of the other setup switches Ray it would be okay. Win.com is just a boot file, and setup would be forced to read any existing registry unless you used a switch to cause it to be ignored and replaced.
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Thanks Dennis
mkduncanAuthor Commented:
That almost completely answers my question<s?>. I don't think I was very clear on the second part :)

Can I upgrade Windows 95 with the

Windows 98 to Windows 98SE upgrade?

Like you said, that upgrade is a whole lot cheaper than the regular upgrade

If you're going to use the $20 SE update, you'll need to do the upgrade to Win98 first, setup the machine and clear any device issues and then apply the update.
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