FAT16 format

Is it possible to format a 2,5GB disk at it's full cappacity as FAT16.
How can I do this.
What do I need.
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can FVG, but Win95 will only be able to see 2.1G of it. Technically, FAT 16 can be used out to 4G, but it can only be read by Windows NT at that size.

fvgAuthor Commented:
To dew associates
I'm happy to hear it is possible.
Let me explain the real problem.
I have a system with a 2,5GB disk but without CD-drive.
On this system I need to install NT4.
I have an external CD-drive with a boot disk (Dos6) to copy the I386 directory to the C-drive and install NT from there.
But I like to have 2,5GB in NT.
So I need to format the disk in a way I can read it when booting from the External CD floppy without loosing the 2,5GB later under NT.
I have tried a format under Win98 but NT4 cannot execute his setup when the disk is fat32.
Fdisk the hard disk
boot with the floppy
run the NT install from the CD and let the install format the hard disk
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fvgAuthor Commented:
To Pwoolford
Impossible to format from the NT cd since there is no CD station at the workstation. See my comment added Thursday, October 28 1999 - 01:04AM PDT
The procedure I use works very well for HD's under 2GB.
The only problem you may run into FVG is that initial with MSDOS you'll have a 1024 cylinder limitation when creating the partition, I believe this is what PWoolford was referring too.
I believe the only way you will be able to get this to work (without third party software) is to either conect a CD-ROM temporarily either on the IDE cable, or external on the Parallel Port.  Or if you have a secondary hard drive, you could copy the CD contents there, then try to finagle the NT setup to use that drive.
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