how do you call yourself a 3D artist?

I'm wondering... how do I know I'm an artist or not? I need someone to define what or how an artist might look like... I often heard "3D Artists" and i've seen some of their works. Some are very good, the best i can say, some are not too good. Moreover, I've seen more excellent scenes created not from people who call themselves artists but from Graphic Lecturers, animators, or modellers (in this case I can name them "working people"). So how do you call yourself a 3D artist ?
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Eh? Isn't this a very abstract kind of question that doesn't really have anything other than a subjective answer? Do you feel like an artist? Every body's an artist in some sense. Ask a philosopher.
This is a very interesting question.  In fact I fall in this line that you talk about.  I am an industrial designer.  I am proficient in sold modeling.  When I create 3D models for the products I design, I would consider myself to be modeller and animator.  However, because I know the software so well, I am able to sit down in front of my machine with a blank screen and no destination in my design and create something beautiful.  In this case I would consider myself to be a 3D Artist.  Much the same way as a converntional sculptor would be considered a 3D Artist.  So I guess the answer to your question is this:  Your title is determined by the purpose and intent of your creations.  The question you are asking has no cut and dry answer, each person may think differently.
There is no standards organization that awards the title of "3D artist". Just as there is no organization that gives "Programmer". You're free to call yourself either of those titles even if you've *NEVER* done any work.

The best thing for any type of artist to do is to carry a portfolio with examples of their best work. In the 90's this is often implemented as a web page. Show off your work. If you're a "real" 3D artist, people will know it with one look.

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This question might as well be labeled "What is Art?" This is a question that has been asked thousands if not millions of times. There are entire books written about it! You are an artist if you create art. Is what you create art? Thats up to you.
I am an artist.

Do you look like me??

If you do, you might be an artist too.

If you don't, you might not be an artist.

Good vibes,

techpageAuthor Commented:
alrite... i'm getting your point... there is no basic qualification to admit myself as a 3D artist. Now second question... (raise points to 50), artists usually opened a gallery, show off their works and hope that art collectors or walkin customers will then buy their works. If you are given 2 opportunities... first, becoming an art director, modeler, or animator... second, becoming an artist like mentioned above, which do you prefer ?
Is this a money question?

If you want to create/design work, and get paid for it GET A JOB and DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

If you want to become an `Artist` sell everything you own, get pissed a lot, put on lots of weight, twat about all day, ponder a lot, appear on late night chat shows, dont shave, dont wash, continue to eat lots of food, smell like (Edited by Computer101).

Thats what you need to to govnor, know what I mean?

as for your 2oppurtunities I'd prefer becoming an art director, modeler, or animator...  Get famous then do whatever i like an say i'm an arist & quote outrageously if it sells!
Make good 3D art
Win some prizes
Having good job
At least you have anticipate in one hollywood movie

If that is yours, then you are !
Art directors are considered by artists to be evil evil people. If youre masochistic and enjoy being hated by artists go ahead and become an art director. So thats not much of a choice and its not a very creative job in the sense that you have your peon artists do all the work. Secondly 3D and animation are not all theyre cracked up to be. I spent 6 months as a 3D animation major at the Academy of Art in San Francisco before i was told "it takes 10 hours for one second of finished film quality animation"...i dont have that kind of patience and i didnt meet many people who did either. Its not as fun as it sounds.
art is the only form of communication that gives you a feeling of selffulfillment, and at the same time makes everyone else a sense of fulfillment by looking at your work.  You should decide what aspect of art gives you the most fulfilment.
You are a 3D artist if someone is willing to pay you to do 3D art for them, period.
How get money  if one has soem experties in photoshop and 3Dmax

one does commercial work to pay rent and one does the other stuff (whereas "the other stuff" refers to nno-commercial creative work which quite often ends up in a portfolio-CD or a criptic web page) for the sake of art...... Whatever the definition of Art might be.....

Good vibes!!!
3D artist:
- you know what is an artist right?
- ok now, 3D artist is an artist who uses 3D graphic as his/her media of art

simple, you have to produce artistic products in 3D media.  neither enjoyable, nor marketable, although only to yourself.  if you feel them enjoyable, you are a 3D artist to yourself.
if your 3D works are enjoyable for public, you are a 3D artist for the public, which is better.

don't ask how to make your 3D works enjoyable and marketable to public.

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