HTML frames

I've three frames in an html file aligned top, left and right. I've three links on the left frame and want to change the html file on the right frame on the click event of the links on the left frame. I've succedded in getting the index of the link clicked but can't replace the file in the right frame.
How can I replace the file.

Thanks in advance.
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in ur frames html, each frame wuld have been given a name. if not do it. then in the link html add target="framename" that way, the link opens up in a frame with name 'framename'.

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m_adilAuthor Commented:
>> then in the link html add target="framename"

can't understand this

for your refference here is the frame file

<Frameset rows="20%,80%" frameSpacing=0>
<Frame name="topFrame" src="top.htm"  noresize scrolling=no   frameborder=0 bordercolor=#778899>

<Frameset cols="20%,80%" frameSpacing=0>
<Frame name="leftFrame" src="menu2.htm"  noresize scrolling=no frameborder=0 bordercolor=#778899>
<Frame name="rightFrame" src="intro.htm"  noresize scrolling=no  frameborder=0 bordercolor=#778899>

and this is the file used to load file in right frame

<Form name="Form1" action="" method="Post">

<Table Border="0" CellSpacing="0" CellPadding="0" >
<Td Width="131" Height="36">
<a href="javaScript:hello()">
<Img Src="images2/b1.gif" Border="0" Height="36" Width="131" Name="menu1" Alt="Contact us">

<script language="JavaScript">
function hello()
if (n==1)
// load 1st file
else if (n==2)
// load 2nd file

m_adilAuthor Commented:
sorry for typing error
read <a href="javaScript:hello()"> as
<a href="javaScript:hello(1)">

and function hello() as
function hello(n)
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u dont need javascript at all...
<a href="filename" target="rightFrame"><img ...></a>
and so on for your links..
in this way the link will open up in the rightFrame.
m_adilAuthor Commented:
got it.
Thanks alot
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