what is the different between single and currency

How should I know when I should use single or currency ?

Dim a as single
dim b as currency

if a and b are used for to display dollar sign, then I have to
use format$(a or b,"currency"). So is there any different if I used
both a and b. ?
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The major difference between the two types are the size of the number that is storable as well as the accuracy when making calculations.

SINGLE:   32bit (4-byte)
CURRENCY: 64bit (8-byte)

As you can see, Currency occupies twice as much space as Single.  This does however mean that you can store larger values in Currency.

SINGLE:-3.402823E38 to -1.401298E-45 for negative values, and 1.401298E-45 to 3.402823E38 for positive values.

CURRENCY:-922,337,203,685,477.5808 to 922,337,203,685,477.5807

The conclusion is, if you are going to make monetary or fixed-point calculations and require a high level of accuracy then Microsoft suggests the use of the Currency data type.

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