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How would I load a Bitmap with CImage that's not a resource.
If it had been a resource, I would do just fine.
But when I do something like

it just won't work.
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Is this MFC & Win32?
dmatheoAuthor Commented:
MFC. I wanted to use the CImage component, in designing my dialog. I want to put a picture in that component. Usually during design time you can just attach the path and the name of the bitmap in the picture property of the CImage component. I needed to do it manually. And since the bmp that I'm going to display is a dynamic one, I can't use resource. So it has to be loaded from the disk.

Anyone knows how to deal with the problem?
I couldn't find a CImage class in the MFC documentation - do you mean CStatic?

If so...
1. Declare a CStatic member in your dialog class.
2. Attach it to the dialog control using DDX_Control(). (The class wizard will do 1 & 2 for you).
3. Use the LoadImage() Win32 API call to load the bitmap from disk.
4. Use CStatic::SetBitmap() to display the loaded image on the dialog control.
You need to load a DIB (Device Independent Bitmap). The DIBLOOK sample with VC++ illustrates this.

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