mssql, PHP and field names

We've worked a lot with PHP3/MySQL with pleasure. But now I have to write a PHP3 script for an NT box with mssql server on it. Translating from the MySQL scripts works out right for the most but with MySQL I was used to use the mysql_field_name() function a lot.
mssql_field_name() doesn't exist as a function.
I've seen mssql_field_seek() and mssql_fetch_field() but don't know how to use them, also couldn't find it in the PHP3 docs.
I can't play with these functions because the NT box is not at my place, can someone help please...?
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Have you solved it yet FranX? Try using mssql_field_seek() or mssql_fetch_field() after succesfully installing PHP for WinNT

I don't know how those two functions work either, as documentation is pretty vague... However i would like to know what the solution to this problem is...

Quite why do you need to use the mysql_field() function ? I do a lot of database work using PHP and MySQL but I've never had the need to use it.
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mssql_field_seek() and mssql_fetch_field() are desribed in and, respectively.  If that is not enough information, sorry; I have not used
PHP with MS SQL Server.
Pls use ftp to sumit your php3 code that can be write in any text editor.
then browse from internet.

You can use this code below as ex.
mysql_connect(   "localhost",   "root",   "password");

mysql_select_db(   "databasename")  or  die(   "Error  opening database");

$result  =  mysql_query(   "select  Season1,rtl1,rtl2,rtl3,Season2,rtm1,rtm2,rtm3,Season3,rth1,rth2,rth3 from  db where Hotel_Name='name'");

    while  ($row  =  mysql_fetch_row($result))  {
               echo"<center><table border=1 width=600>";
               echo"<tr><td rowspan=2><center><b><font color=#0000A0>Period for Room</font></b></center></td><td rowspan=2><center><b><font color=#0000A0>Published
      Rate<br>Single / Twin</font></b></center></td><td colspan=2>
      <center><b><font color=#0000A0>Standard Room Single / Twin</font></b></center></td></tr><tr><td>
      <center><b><font color=#0000A0>HKD</font></b></center></td><td>
      <center><b><font color=#0000A0>USD</font></b></center></td></tr>";
  echo"<tr><td><b><font face=Arial color=#000000 size=2>$row[0]</font></b></td><td><center>$row[1]</center></td><td><center>$row[2]</center></td><td><center>$row[3]</center></td></tr>";
 echo"<tr><td><b><font face=Arial color=#000000 size=2>$row[4]</font></b></td><td><center>$row[5]</center></td><td><center>$row[6]</center></td><td><center>$row[7]</center></td></tr>";
echo"<tr><td><b><font face=Arial color=#000000 size=2>$row[8]</font></b></td><td><center>$row[9]</center></td><td><center>$row[10]</center></td><td><center>$row[11]</center></td></tr>";
 echo"<center><table border=1 width=600>";
 echo"<tr><td><center>NB: Prices are fully inclusive service charge and government tax</center></td></tr>";

First of all, FranX talks about mssql, so not mysql and FranX, you might try this link :


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FranXAuthor Commented:
Of course as you understand I've already been to, I always RTFM!

Thank's Though
FranXAuthor Commented:

Good explanation on this site,
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