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  Is there a way to detect if I have an incoming telephone call while I am online? I have only one phone line, and I need to be alerted when someone is calling me. Is is possible to write a program that has the com port which my modem uses alert me, via c++ or some other language code?

I just need to know if this is possible, and if so, a hint as to how I may approach this.

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nietodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all, ou would have to have call waiting.  if you don't have call waiting, then no other calls can come in when you are on line.  But if you do have call waiting, when another call comes in it will screw up your connection becuse of the sound made by the call waiting notification.

fortunately, there are now modems that take care of this.  When they detect an incomming call, they don't let the call waiting signal through, isntead they alerr the user.  The user can then use the modem to switch to the other call (keeping the connection open!)  You can switch back and forth between the incomming call and the connection freely.  Of course you still need call waiting.
You can't do it yourself because the phone line is engaged when you are online. Some ISPs/phone companies provide such a feature that you will be alerted whenever there is a phone call for you when you are online. The way it works is that when the phone company detects someone is phoning you and you are online the server will notify the client you have installed on your computer. Have a look at
nietod and chensu are both correct.  Basically, there is no way with a standard modem and a standard phone line (with or without call waiting).  You will have to buy a special modem and/or subscribe to a service (which may or may not be available in your area).

IMHO you would be better off with a second phone line for your modem calls (local calls only [i.e., never pay any long distance charges, and never fall for any carrier's $5.95/month "free" long distance plan]), never answer it, no call waiting, no caller ID, no call forwarding, etc.

One alternative that may be available in your area is a cable (as in TV) modem.  Just watch out for great response now (very few subscribers) and slow(er) response later (as more subscribers sign up), an agreement to use the cable company's ISP (at a horrible price), and the cost of "additional" equipment (such as the cable modem itself).
rdfAuthor Commented:
Didn't know who to give the points to, so I just picked nietod because he was first, although I appreciate the other comments

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