howto setup dial-in

pls help me step by step how to setup dial-in using redhat 5.2 :)
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johnb110999Connect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Login as root
2) type linuxconf at the command prompt
3) Choose the networking tree, choose client tasks then choose Routings and gateways
4) Choose PPP
5) Enter your ISP's phone number, your username and password
6) Save the changes
7) Under the networking tree choose client tasks again, then choose Nameserver specifications.
8) In the name server specifications field type in the IP address of your ISP's DNS server.
9) Save your changes and exit linuxconf
10) To activate your connection, still logged in as root, type the following command ifup ppp0 (which is the ppp interface that you just configured).
11) If that doesn't activate your modem then your modem probably hasn't been configured.
Try man mgetty and info mgetty for details. I have a writeup somewhere, if I can find it, I will put it up.
use linuxconf (front-end for mgetty and lot more tools)
Have you installed Xwindows on your RH5.2?
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