File encryption

Is there any emailing encryption program that can be used to encrypt a file automatically from a program that does not require interaction with it?

Tried using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) but it requires you to enter the encryption password at the command prompt before the file could be encrypted.  The program I'm trying to encrypt a file with PGP is a C CGI script before which the file is e-mailed.

I will be grateful if there is a way round this, such as an encryption program you can pass the details as parameters to it before it is e-mailed!
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mliberiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I wrote a couple of program doing exactly what you need.

The first, called des, is based on Data Encryption Standard with a 56 bit key.

The second,called kc, is very fast and is basically a scrambling algorithm.

You can download them from my home page at the following URL
I think I may be misunderstanding the question somewhat -- why would PGP need an encryption passoword when _sending_ mail?  When sending, you'll be encrypting with the recipient's public key, which should not be password protected (after all, there's no need to; it's a public key.)

Also, what OS is this under?
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