IP conflict resolution

I am facing a problem from a user on the intranet who assigns the wrong IP address (e.g. his workstation and hangs the sun-solaris-server which also has the same address as given by the user and hence hangs the net. I am looking for a service to detect and prevent such mal-assignments.
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could u explain the network configuration ?

and how came that usr is getting permision to assign the ip address of his own ???
you can't prevent such settings as long as the user has root access.
To detect such things write a script, started periodically by cron, which checks MAC adresses, like:

#! /bin/csh -f
# assuming netmask
# and very Solaris specific
@i = 1
while ($i < 255)
   ping -s 192.168.1.$i 100 1
arp -a|awk '{print $2" "$NF;}'|sort|uniq -d|mail -s"PANIC: duplicate IP" root
# script to be improved

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rksinglaAuthor Commented:
Dear ahoffman,

 We have a campus wide ATM network covering a total of 19 buildings (using fibre optical cables and utp cabling within the buildings). We have a sun-solaris system as a server with IP address (running a proxy)

    As the users on their workstations must setup the machines by specifying the IP address assigned to  their machine, the net mask and the gateway. Some users by mistake assign address of our server to their local machine, resulting in server halt and hence intranet halt.

Please look into the problem to give more elaborate solution.

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y dont u make use of dhcp or bootp, so that users would not need to setup their machines manually???
rksinglaAuthor Commented:
We have 19 buildings on the campus, each having addresses as to to
and so on

I think it will be very difficult to setup DHCP or BOOTP and maintain for all the 19 networks. When I run the script sent by you then I only get the MAC address from which I can not identify  the user creating trouble.

Once again let me explain the problem :

Suppose a user has IP address as and when he sets up his machine manually, he gives by mistake IP address as which is the IP address of our SUN-SOLARIS server. I simply want to know that the problem has come  from the machine whose address should have been, so that address could be corrected and server is not halted.

>>>>I simply want to know that the problem has come  from the machine whose address should have been, so that address could be corrected and server is not halted.

may be arp would solve this problem.

but still every thing should be done manually .. and i guess u would be mad while runing between 19 buildings
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