Registry vs. INI file

I'm working with an embedded system.  I have a WinSystems Single Board computer and I've created an nk.bin Windows CE image and downloaded it to the board.  I'm using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 in conjunction with the Windows CE toolkit to develop MFC applications for the SBC.

I want to read configuration information to initialize certain devices when the application starts.  In the past I've tried to use .ini files for easy remote access.  How can I use an .ini file in Windows CE?  I know the GetPrivateProfileString function is not supported.  The GetProfileString is supported but that is for the registry.  Is there a way to use GetProfileString with an .ini file instead of the registry?

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nil_dibConnect With a Mentor Commented:
did you look at GetPrivateProfileXXX functions ?
a complete workaround for ini files in ANSI C:

You need to use the RegQueryXXXXX methods to access the registry under CE.
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