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AutoLogin after 10 minutes

Posted on 1999-10-28
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
is it possible to delay the auto login feautue of NT? I want a particular workstation to autologin with a guest account if left unattended, at the logon prompt, for 10 minutes.

My plan is to execute a script, after 10 minutes at the logon prompt, which sets up the autologin registry settings [I know what these are ;-)] and then, somehow, tells win NT to look at this part of the registry again and logon.

Also, because of other services which are running on this machine, I cannot restart windows.

Ok so given the background of my problem the main issues I am struggling with are :-

1 starting a service after 10 mins at the logon prompt

2 'executing' the autologin once the registry settings have been set by the service
Question by:essbb
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Expert Comment

ID: 2166332
For me you can't seting up that just with a WKS and a script.

You should use a server like SMS or NetCon and a script.

The think I should do for that is to setup a task (who is one of your script) for the target WKS with NetCon.

Then, i'ld write a script who tcheck If the target WKS is loged on every minutes. and If the WKS is not loged on 10 times, I launch the NetLogon Task.

In the NetLogon Task, you can put every action you want with administor privilege.


Expert Comment

ID: 2166514
Don't know If I understand what you are trying to do,

Could Try something Like this, Havent tried it, don't know if it will work.

Basic Idea kill and restart Winlogon
process (using pstat and kill from ntreskit)
for /f "tokens=" %%a in ('pstat.exe') do if /I "%%a"=="winlogon.exe" goto restart


kill -f c:\winnt\System32\winlogon.exe
start c:\winnt\System32\winlogon.exe

now if that works when scheduled to occur when winlogon is running, then you could

Schedule something to occur every minute (eg using soon.exe from ntreskit within the batch file that is scheduled to run),  
check for the existence of some semaphore file (eg flag.txt).
if not found check for winlogon.exe (as in line above (for ...etc))if it  finds it is running then you could write to the semaphore file (writing in the time) eg
echo "Y" | time > flag.txt.

in the initial check for the flag.txt file, If it finds the flag file you can look at the time stored in the file and if ten minutes has elapsed then you could kill and restart the winlogon process.

I strongly doubt that winlogon will allow anything to kill it (try Schedule service as SYSTEM, Administrator etc), but if first step above works then no reason why the rest won't.

Very Best of Luck



WHY do you want to do this?


Author Comment

ID: 2168172
Answer to big PS

I am writing some monitoring / data collection software which must be running 24/7, hence no reboot

The client wants to implement decent security and logging, however they also want the computer showing the main screen when not in use, hence "somebody" must be logged in.

Different users have different permissions and require a mechanism to log on (i.e the 10 minute delay before auto logon)

I am not convinced that I can sensibily implement all of these requirements and still have a professional level system
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Expert Comment

ID: 2168237
Killing WinLogon is a well known way of forcing a NT Blue Screen!

Could you set you monitor program as a screen saver for the idle screen?  That way it will be displayed without anyone being logged on.

Any other ideas anyone?


Expert Comment

ID: 2168268
what about my solution ?

Author Comment

ID: 2168798
Your comment is a fair one, however I do not think I could justify the purchase of a SMS server which would act soley as a idle timer.

This is an idea I have been looking at - replacing the 'Press alt-ctrl-del to logon' screensaver with a monitor program screensaver.

The problem is that the main graphical engine is third party - there is no way of making it run as a screen saver, nor do I think I can run it as a background service and extract screenshots.

I have however managed to change our users requirements slightly, to reflect a more sensible logon stratergy

I will autologon all the time as a guest, with next to no privalidges. If a user needs to use the system properly they will have to log on properly - by holding down the shift key whilst logging out.


Accepted Solution

carmine earned 300 total points
ID: 2168825
Have you tried running it as a screen saver?  If the executable ignores the /S switch that the system passes at invocation you may be OK?


Author Comment

ID: 2173566
interesting idea! I will give that a try today

Author Comment

ID: 2191547
Thanks for the help. I Didnt really acomplish what I was trying to but I learned some new tricks

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