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Change Directory

Ok...I think this may be a stupid question, but I'm swallowing my pride and asking it anyway.  My program resides in c:\myprog directory. How can I change directories to e:\otherplace so that when I do a command from the user it is performed on the e:\otherplace directory without have to specify the path as part of the command?

I am interfacing with another program that passes me a command, which could be the "Del" command or some other command that needs to be performed on the e:\otherplace directory.

Thanks in advance and for not laughing,

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1 Solution

use :

currentdir : string;
currentdir  := getcurrentdir;

you must have SysUtils in the use clause

regards, marc
dhertzfeAuthor Commented:
DAMN!!!   I just found it myself but you beat me too it.

Thanks Marc....I knew this was going to be easy.
sometimes I am lucky to be the first one to answer easy questions...

otherways I would never be able to get expert points :=)

thanks, Marc

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