How to Read values of Registry!

I wanna have my program read values of registry. I have some Defined keys and values stored inside it.
I wanna read 2 key and their values..How can I accomplish that!!
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You can use the RegQueryValue() or RegQueryValueEx() functions.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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veselAuthor Commented:
Thx for the reply. As a matter of fact I digged inside it and found how to use it! BTW I was looking for CODE....
I can provide code, but you given any details of what you want.  What is the key?  what type of data is stored with it?
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Do the values that you want to read belong to your application or some other application?

If it belongs to your app, you should use:
GetProfileString(...)  to read.
WriteProfileString(...) to write to registry.

If it belongs to another app you should use the code found in:
Those functions are provided for compatibility only.  Use of those functions is discouraged.
The following is the code to read a value from the registry key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Key1.  It reads the value of "Data1" and stores in pszValue which you can pass to the function.

HKEY hRoot,hLev1,hLev2,hLev3;
DWORD iType;
DWORD Value = iSize;
                              RegQueryValueEx(hLev3,"Data1",0,&iType,(unsigned char*)pszValue,(LPDWORD)&Value);      
While we're at it, what's up with this question.  Do you still want help?
veselAuthor Commented:
I got it!! working Thx for the concern
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