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What is the "pop-up" that asks if I want to auto archive files that have not been used recently?  What does it do? And can the files be:"un-archived"?

Running Original Windows 98 and Office 2000 and MSOutlook.
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
mrmassie, I think the following knowledge base article will help you understand what archiving and autoarchiving is all about!


this is part of a utility program you have installed, I'm not sure which one (maybe Norton, McAffee PC Medic,or one of a half dozen others) What this is wanting to do is move and compress your unused program to an area out of the way.
Think of your HD as a bus, it is much easier and faster to get on and off the bus if you sit in front, but if others are just sitting at the front taking up space and you have to go past them and sit at the back then this is slower and not as easy as sitting at the front
and yes it can be "un-archived" but it will take longer to open and use the program until it is moved back to the "active" programs.
Norton has this feature but I don't want to move or achive any programs that someday I may need
It is a feature of Outlook. It is used to compress all of your old mail and save it to a different location. that way if you delete an email message and later you want it back you can get it out of the archive.

I think you have answered your own question.
Do you want to save your old E-mail?
You can leave them in outlook but it does take a longer period of time to load with the mail still stored there. If these include letters that you want to keep but not slow things down then go ahead and archive them, you can always access them if you want
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