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I am trying to teach myself some perl and would like to see some fairly simple straight-forward code to get an idea.  I would like to know of a good site on the web to look for something like this, or any other way someone could help me out without much work.  Thanks!
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cchamanConnect With a Mentor Commented:


If you need some easy sample programs, let me know.
neymeyerAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  That helps a lot.  Go ahead and post an answer...anything....and I will give you your points.
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neymeyerAuthor Commented:
If you have some easy sample programs and could send them to me, that would be great.  Please send them to me at the e-mail address below.  Thanks again!

What would you want sample programs to do?
neymeyerAuthor Commented:
Basically anything simple.  I am taking a class involving several programming languages and am taking a closer look at Perl and would be better able to learn it if I could see how some simple programs look to learn basic syntax and things like that.  Any simple user-interactive program or calculate simple mathematical functions or something simple with an array.  I really appreciate this.  I will make sure to get you some extra points for this.  How does 100 sound?  Thanks!
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