I can't see my nt workstation from linux

I can't connect to  my nt workstation from linux. I set the user profiles in NT. I can ping from either computer but can't resolve the hostnames. If I do an rlogin from Linux, I need to use the IP address and the connection is refused. Can you HELP. Thanks.
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> If I do an rlogin from Linux,
how would you rlogin to NT?

> .. can't resolve the hostnames.
Did you setup /etc/host and \winnt\system32\drivers\lmhosts properly ?
Or do you use DNS?
jleoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks. That helped fixed the Linux side. I don't have Imhosts in my system32 directory (NT).. I mainly will be connecting for Linux. I'm getting a connection refused still when I use:

rlogin -l linux686 Windows_NT

My domain names are set the same.
jleoneAuthor Commented:
My problem is probably  NT Workstation. I can't use NT Server because Linux is on the same computer. Can I connect Linux to NT Workstation? Thanks.
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jleoneAuthor Commented:
Sorry about that, found Lmhosts in directory. Configuring now.
Sounds like the NT Workstation relies on the NT Server being the PDC (Primary Domain Controller) for your NT Domain.  And since you reboot it into Linux the PDC has now gone away and is no longer answering netbios calls and you end up dropping the NT Domain.

Samba can be configured to run as a PDC with little trouble (see the man page on smb.conf for more info).  That way you have the machine for the PDC in either Linux or NT.

Hope this helps.
> rlogin -l linux686 Windows_NT
so your NT has a service running which listens on port 513, and grants acces to NT ?

Now, was lmhosts the answer for your problem, otherwise please be more specific

BTW, PDC has nothing to do with your hostname resolution.
jleoneAuthor Commented:
That was probably part fo the problem and I'll grant the points for it. I needed to set up Samba better. That seems to be working fine from the Linux side.  I'm going to post another question about the problem of Linux not seeing my permissions correctly and not letting me write to the drives.
so what solved the problem now? who's to answer?
Dear JLeone,

Now that you fixed your /etc/hosts, you can ping your NT box -- but that's it.

LMHOSTS is NT's "hosts" file for NETBIOS to IP resolution.
Your Linux host is not advertising its name and IP using NETBIOS, therefore, LMHOSTS has nothing to do with it :)

Here are your options:

Samba, as mentioned, or some way to mount your NTFS (maybe they're FAT?) partitions using smb filesystem on the linux box.

Install a 3rd party NFS client on NT and export the directories you need to the Linux box. (This is easier than it sounds). Also right now M$ is making a Unix toolkit, freely downloadable, but in Beta.... I believe it includes an NFS client. I installed (and promptly UNinstalled) it and didn't really like it.

You could run IIS (it includes an FTP server) on your server, and easily access files you need that reside on the NT box (of course you'd have to drop copies of them in the ftproot). I do this, and it works fine, if you discount the overhead of managing IIS.

I haven't looked, but I bet there is probably a freeware NFS thingie for Win32 out there somewhere.

If you need telnet access you can run NT's telnetd from the resource kit, it seems to work pretty well. Another option: I just found a really cool ssh client for Win32 and use it between Linux and NT. If you need the information, pls ask, I can email it or post it here.

Thank you,



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