Book recommendations?

I'm looking for recommendations on books or other good information sources for the following:
I have a Solaris 2.51 box that I'd like to network in with my windoze network (currently running DHCP, Web server, etc), to act as a database server etc.  Currently, they are on the same hub, and can ping one another just fine.  However, I'd like to be able to rename my Sun box (to match the network convention) change the ip address, etc.  I can get around pretty well on the system, but never acted as a system administrator before.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.
I already purchased 2 books, Solaris Systems Admin Guide and Advanced Systems Admin Guide, by Janice Winsor... these are not what I'm looking for.  More along the lines of what files contain the information, what commands to use etc.
Thanks in advance,
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To change the hostname and ip address for your solaris machine, you need to edit these files;

/etc/hostname.interface   file
/etc/nodename             file
/etc/defaultdomain        file
/etc/defaultrouter        file (optional)
/etc/hosts                database
/etc/netmasks             database (optional)

You may want to create an alias for your old machine on the line with the ip address and hostname of your new machine in the /etc/hosts file. Also, if you are running DNS you'll want to make the necessary changes there as well.

The best book I've found for Solaris is called "A Practical Guide to Solaris" by Mark G. Sobell. It over 1,000 pages and contains practical examples to help you out. I hope this helps. Please leave a comment if you still have problems. Thanks.


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You can get more information on Solaris from the following site.
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Thanks, that's more than I asked!!
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