NT 4.0 Proxy server with Linux?

I am running a 3-node network with NT server 4.0 (Proxy Server 1.0) running as the server.  One 56k modem connection 24/7.  I can surf web pages, but not anything that uses SOCKS, like IRC, or NNTP. Is this a client side problem?  Or is this a better query for an NT group?  Would Squid do what I want? (I can put together a 166mhz machine to run just that).  I use RH 5.2 with kernel 2.2.10.  
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nukeme369Author Commented:
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I am runnning virtuall the same setup here at my home.  Make sure that you have designated the nt server as your primary gateway on the linux box.  Also, for troubleshooting purposes, make sure that you have not enabled any filtering on the nt proxy for the respective ports.  Go into the WWW server (IIS) and make sure that you allow clear text passwords to be used and/or anonymous access.  MS Proxy works through IIS.  Hope this helps.
nukeme369Author Commented:
Have done all that and still have the same issue.  How do you do DNS?  I think that may have something to do with it.  What version of Proxy Server do you use?  I have 1.0  Is the NT server box a DNS server?
I used Linuxconf to set gateway to (my server) No filtering or access control is setup on the NT server
I have cleartext and allow anonymous.  (What is your anonymous login?  Mine is set to "I_USRBETSY" with the proxy account pwd.  I have even changed that to the username on the linux box.  
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Your not going to like this, I am running 2.0.  Version 1.0 does not support the SOCKS protocol.  Any apps that rely on SOCKS will NOT be proxied.  You would probably be better off using linux for your proxy services.  Your only other choice is to use apps that support the CRN protocal.  Then you can use the WebProxy.  Hope this helps.
PS, make sure you change the anonymous login to match the setting in the IIS,FTP, etc. in the internet apps on the nt side.

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That was supposed to CERN protocol.
nukeme369Author Commented:
Kool, finally somebody else got this to work.  Thanks! Proxy 2.0 isn't out of my reach, so it's not so bad. Now that I know it just won't work I'll stop trying to screw with it.  I'll probably end up putting up my 166mhz machine to run only the proxy stuff, freeing up a bit of my main server to do other tasks.  
I've started a very similar thread all over again, and am currently working with the config and trying to make everything work!

Thank you foxr
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