Rockwell HCF Modem, in HP Pavillion trouble

I've tried the driver updates as specified by HP and can't
get any to work.  All I seem to get on their site is many
thank you's for buying the computer and assurances that
it's a worthwhile investment.  <sigh>  I'm not unhappy with
the computer, just the modem speeds.  I can't connect at
speeds higher than 26K (most of the time).  I've, on *rare*
occasion, connected at 33K.  

Any help would be appreciated.

Ken Murphy
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it may not be the driver or the modem that is the problem, it may be your phoneline. Have you done a line test to be sure you had line caple of faster speeds?
Now the worst part, these are not very good modem from the start, if you want good connection speed then get a better modem, I prefer 3Com (US Robotics) external myself but whatever you do stay away from the Winmodem (that is what you have now BTW)
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MerfAuthor Commented:
Ray, thanks for the resonse, and to answer your question,
yes, I've tested the line.  The test at (I think)
said my line was 56k compatable.  
Here are some steps to follow that may improve your conneciton speed.
(1st) Contact your ISP and find out what 56K protocol they can connect you at.  (There are three -- V-90; K56Flex; X2.  My answer relates only to V-90.)  They may have different phone numbers for different protocols

(2nd) Set the specs for the connection yourself rather than using machine defaults.  Open 'Control Panel' and select 'Modem'.  On the 'General' tab, choose the 'Properties' button.  On the 'Connection' tab, choose the 'Advanced' button.  Now change the type of connection to 'Software (XON/XOFF).  Go into the 'Extra Settings' window and type in "AT+MS=V90" (without the quotes). Press the 'OK' button and back out.

(3rd) Reboot.

(4th) Download the latest driver (RIP4121.EXE) from the HP site for your specific model and install it.  To be sure of a good installation it is best to install it in 'Safe' Mode (although mine installed OK not in Safe Mode)

My Pavilion 4450 is now set up this way and always connects in the 42000 - 48000 range.  You usually can't expect more than that over ordinary phone lines.  I hope you can do as well.  However, the ISP and phone company have as much or more influence on that as you do.

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MerfAuthor Commented:
I'm closing this question because I believe my computer
to be possessed and in need of an exorcism.  I followed
Bob's advice, and got the following results.
After the machine was rebooted in "Safe Mode" and I started
running the rip4121.exe updater, I got a message saying
"unInstaller failed to initialize.  You may be unable to
uninstall this device"  It then proceeded to install the
software.  When the "Installing drivers" window popped up
and said to wait... and wait... and wait... and wait...
Days passed and I ctl-alt-del'd the process.  I did
this routine twice.  When the computer restarted, it
re-installed the drivers (old?).  I then tried to reconnect
to send this reply, and the system couldn't find my modem.
<sigh>  I reset all my settings to their original state,
rebooted, and was finally granted access to "cyberworld"
Thanks to all for their efforts but I hereby give up.  I'm
tired of screwing with this damned thing.


I am sorry that my 'solution' turned your machine from "I'm not unhappy with the computer" to "I believe my computer to be possessed and in need of an exorcism."

Even though you didn't say what model of HP Pavilion you have, I am guessing it is either a 4440 or 4443, most likely 4440.  The reason I say that is the 4440 seems to be the only model that is having serious difficulty with the HP updates.  It and the 4443 share a share a similar BIOS which seems to be the source of many peoples problems.  

There are two BIOS updates available from HP right now for these models.  The technicians at HP are advising people "If you are having troulble with one of them, try the other."  Strange advice, but it seems to be working for some people.  (I don't have either model, so I don't have personnal experience with this.)

You really should check out the HP web site, read the Q&A on similar problems, and probably ask one of the HP technicians for help with the driver upgrade.

Bob Hoyer

Sorry, I meant to add a link to the HP web site.  Here it is:
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