Stale NFS file handle.

I had have shared two log file from A  machine and mounted at B machine. There are alarmfile and pathStatusLog file which is the log file for Newbridge Network Management System.  They are at Sun Solaris Platform using version 2.6 .

But after 2 or 3 days, I get the following error message for the alarmfile but the pathStatusLog is fine.
      "Stale NFS file handle "

Anyway to resolve this or any patches is required? I know this problem is solved by rebooting the machine but this is in operational, I can't simply reboot the machine.
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Stale NFS file handles usually occur when you lose network connection to the NFS server (network drop-outs, server reboot, etc...). You can prevent it by using the automounter instead of a straight nfs mount. The automounter only mounts the filesystem when it's needed and it unmounts it after a set period (that you can change) of inactivity. See the following for more information.

will_pohAuthor Commented:
Thanks, for you useful info....
> You can prevent it by using ..
You cannot prevent this. As long as there is a mount point, and the target is unavailable for any reason, you get this error.
Automount just makes it more unlikely that it occours.
AFAIK there is no other workaround than reboot.
I'm not shure if hard- instead of softmounts solve the problem, but they have the disadvantage, that the client hangs as long as the server is unavailable (usually not acceptable)

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