What is it. What does it do. It's found in the Scheduled Tasks under Tune-up Application Start. Danged if I can find any specifics on it.

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Here ya go Tom!

The Winalign.exe and Walign.exe tools optimize the performance of programs by
optimizing a program's executable code (binaries). Windows 98 Setup installs the
Walign.exe tool, and this tool is used to optimize Microsoft Office version 7.0
for Windows 95 or Microsoft Office 97 programs. The Winalign.exe tool is
included in the Windows 98 Resource Kit, and is used to optimize other
Winalign.exe and Walign.exe optimize programs by rewriting a program's file
headers, creating a new section table, and then writing file sections, each of
which starts on a 4-kilobyte (KB) boundary. The new section table is then
updated with this information, and the file headers are also updated to denote
the file is now aligned to a 4-KB boundary. By aligning files in this manner,
the Windows 98 CacheMap feature can map directly to sections in the cache
memory. This can result in significant performance increases by freeing memory.
Winalign.exe maintains a record in the registry to track all of the files it has
aligned. Note that files that were not aligned are not noted in this record.
This log is stored in the following registry key:
If needed, Winalign.exe uses these entries in the registry to restore realigned
binaries to their unaligned state, although these entries are not used for any
subsequent realignments. If you run Winalign.exe on a drive that has already
been realigned, Winalign.exe only realigns the files that need updating.
You can add the following registry key to have Winalign.exe log file errors in
the realignment process:
The allowable data values are: 1=On, 0=Off.


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prolineAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
prolineAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
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prolineAuthor Commented:
Johnny on the spot you are.

The only references I've found to the Winalign are in the Registry under DocFindSpecMRU under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. It lists walign, winaligh.exe, and winalign. Nothing listed under the string you mention or anywhere else. I'm guessing that I don't have Winalign then. If I don't have it, should I get it or is it worth the bother really??

I'm not sure if I know what the Windows 98 Resources Kit is, I've heard of it. I'm sure I can find it if necessary.

So then, these things are good to run, and if so, how often??

In theory they are meant to align the code in MS programs to make it load faster. In practice, its barely noticeable. As the notes above indicate, once you run it, it doesn't need to be run again on the same code.

As for resource kit features, the can be found on the Win98 CD. Pop the Windows 98 installation CD in your CD-ROM drive. When the Welcome To Windows 98 dialog box appears, click Browse This CD. Navigate your way to the tools\reskit folder, double-click Setup.exe, then follow along to complete the installation. When it finishes, restart Windows 98.

prolineAuthor Commented:

Very good. I appreciate the information.

Again, thanks for your help.

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