PGP file encryption

Can PGP be used to encrypt a directory and its contents in one go?
I would like to use a web baed service to upload some work, but use PGP to encrypt it all first.
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gothickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
(I'm assuming that you're using a Windows platform.)

With the latest PGP software (PGP 6) you will get an additional entry on the menu that pops up when you right-click on a directory.  You can choose "PGP->encrypt" from that menu, and PGP will recursively encrypt every file in that directory (it will leave the original files there too).  Of course, you'll still have a lot of individual files, so you might want to consider doing something like using WinZip to archive everything in the directory into a single zip file and then encrypt that using PGP.

PGP also comes with a utility called "PGPDisk", which creates a PGP encrypted file which you can access just like a disk drive, so you could create a PGP Disk, copy whatever files and directories you want into it, and then send that somewhere.  There are two disadvantages to that, though: 1) the PGPDisk file size must be set on creation, and can only be resized later manually, and 2) it uses a non-public key encryption method, so if you send it to someone else you will have to tell them the passphrase which can decrypt it.

As for encypting e-mail, PGP comes with plug-ins for a lot of popular mail clients (Outlook, Eudora, etc.), so if you use one of those clients, after installing PGP and the plug-in you only have to click on a new "encrypt this mail" icon which will appear in your mail software in order to encrypt the message.

Yes and you can encrypt email also if you want to.
RDP789Author Commented:
Thanks Harley47 - How do you do this?
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Well it seems gothick to back to you before I did.  the early bird gets the worm.

Bill :)
Bill: I think that was a team effort, and besides, I learned a couple of things about PGP in the process of answering the question.  I'll post a question for you for half the original point value in this area.
Don't worry about it I'm just here to help and learn some new stuff the points aren't important.

I do appreciate the offer.
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