Warning: GetWindowMenuPopup failed!

I am getting this message in the debug trace output when running my program. Does anyone know what it means and how to get rid of it?
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vachoohoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK Thanx

Glad to be helpful to you.
THis trace message shows that MFC tries to find the "Window" menu item in your default MDIFrame's menu.

It is used for updating menu - by adding mdi child's names into Window menu and "More windows" menu item in case 10 or more child windows found.

It seems that you MDIFrame;s menu does not have Window(or similar) menu item

paulburnsAuthor Commented:
Yes, i removed the Window menu. So can i safely ignore this message?
Yes you can ignore this trace message.

Frame window will do nothing regarding Window menu in the case you delete Window menu.

It has correct behaviour.
paulburnsAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks. could you answer please.
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