3d graphics card

I would like to use a very good graphics card in my computer at home but don't have an AGP slot what would be the best graphics card to use.Understand i'm living in Ireland and not in the USA.
all i have on my computer is the standard PCI and ISA slots.
I need this graphics card for Janes WW 2 Fighters.
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since you don't have an AGP slot I would imagine your computer is 233mhz or slower correct?  If so I would not suggest anything more than a VooDoo 2 card. Anything more would be a waste as you would not even push the VooDoo 2 to its limits.

maybe Bill is slightly wrong
P233 can and will get benefit from a 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 PCI card.
Though it will not use it as 400+ machines, the difference between Voodoo 2 and 3 on Pentium 233 is VERY big
and including the fact that Voodoo 3 doesn't cost much, and in some cases much less that Voodoo 2 (like Diamond cards), I'd suggest it.
And - if you want a very steady card, but not as good as Voodoo3 in acceleration - use creative Riva TNT (I don't know if they have TNT2 PCI, if yes - it's the thing.).
Don't buy Voodoo Rush or Banshee - they tend to make a lot of problems with support, and Rush is very slow in acceleration too.
if your brand is lower then p200 - I don't suggest 3d card at all - upgrade a PC...and if you insist - any card will do..

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ATC-2455 Helios 3D Voodoo2 Edition 12MB EDO PCI 3Dfx VooDoo 2 3D accelerator 2D card requared $ 69

3DFX Voodoo3 2000 16MB AGP In Stock 2D/3D Accelerator AGP 2X  $ 73

My reasoning is simple first off yea there is only a 4 dollar difference,but why replace the video card you have with a PCI VooDoo 3 because I imagine like most people when you do upgrade your computer and have an AGP slot you would want to use it. Therefor the Voodoo3 PCI is now a paper weight. But if you get a Voodoo2 and then upgrade your computer later on you can use the Voodoo2 with your new AGP card with no problems. I still have a Voodoo2 in my computer for when I play older games like Unreal or NFS 3.
And a 233 or slower computer will not push a Voodoo 2 to its limits (not by a long shot)

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