What is an invalid page fault?

What is/ causes an invalid page fault?
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is caused by a programming error in the application that is running.  Most often this is due to attempted access of a memory location that is protected from access by Windows (or whatever operating system you are running).  Rather than permit the illegal access, Windows catches the attempt, reports the problem (the dialog box you see) and terminates the program.

For example, it's quite easy to cause one in C/C++ in a program:

char *p = 0;

*p = 0;

boom, you get a crash.  I'm telling the system to store a 0 in the memory location addressed at 0.  This is a protected location and causes an error.  Most programs don't do this intentionally but when working on something an unexpected error condition may show up that causes the same thing to happen unintentionally.

As a user of the program there is little you can do but to report it to the creator of the program if it persists.
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A Page is an amount of ram that is written to the hard drive. when your program needs to free up some ram to write more information to ram.  Thats why if you don't have enough ram you computer is constantly writting to the hard drive. IE the swap file or in NT pagefile.sys. An invalid page fault is when an error occurs during this process.  Lets say you've got 16 megs of ram and windows is using 12 megs then you open a program that needs 6 megs for a total of 18 megs. the computer writes pages to the hard drive to free up some ram for the program.

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Basically what you've said is accurate but it has nothing to do with this error message.

If there is an error in writing to the pagefile in Windows, an unrecoverable fatal error occurs with the resultant Blue Screen of Death.

The message (as I said already) is caused by an invalid (i.e. lack of permission) attempt to access a protected page in memory.  It is not related to paging or the paging file.
I was typing my comment the same time you were so we can leave out the (as I said already) stuff. I didn't see your answer until I submitted my comment. Now I may be wrong but isn't what your talking about an fatal exception. I'm not a programer and don't claim to be so I'm not all that firmilar with the error codes I just know how to fix them :)

This is what was taken from Microsoft on this issue, and I quote from article #Q190517 :

When an invalid page fault occurs, an unexpected event occurs in the Microsoft Windows operating system. An invalid page fault indicates that a program improperly attempted to use random access memory (for example, when a program or a Windows component reads or writes to a memory location that is not allocated to it). When this occurs, the program can potentially overwrite and corrupt other program code in that area of memory.

An invalid page fault may occur when parameters are passed between programs and the Windows 98 operating system. An invalid parameter may cause a program to run invalid instructions, which results in an invalid page fault. This behavior usually occurs because a program incorrectly passes data that Windows or a Windows-based program cannot interpret.
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