Large-scale conversion of .TIF files?

I'm working on a new resume-scanning system here at work.  We just saved over 4,000 resumes as .TIF files before someone realized they needed to be .BMP's for the software to recognize them.

Aside from spending another few weeks converting each one by hand, is there a way to do a large-scale conversion of them?  Or even software or a method to doing more than one at a time?

I figure I can't be the first person in the world with this situation.. anyone know any more?
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Photoshop 5.x has a batch conversion utility under File->Automate. Here you can tell it to open every file in a folder perform an action (image macro) on them and then save them to another folder.
There are programs specifically for this task for both PC and Mac. The best PC one is probably debabelizer. Unfortunately it's been so long since I've used a Mac I can't remember their image conversion utilities.

If their filenames conform to filename###.ext then you could also load them into something like after effects and premiere to convert them. Just render as an image sequence.

There are many programs out there that do this as it does often come up.

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raincloudAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much.. I'll pass this info along and look around for something to use!
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