Tool for Comparing Access Databases

The access database that I work with contains information which I create/own, and some information  from another database which I do not own.  I communicate regularly with the owner of the "other database" who tells me,  whenever the data in the "other database" changes.  When the "other database" changes, I must update my database.  We would like to verify the data I update from the "other database" into my database matches the data in the "other database" (errors could occur if the "other database" changed and I was not notified, or from a keystroke error when I was entering data).  One method we are considering is to query both databases and compare the query results.

Is there a product that can automate the comparison of the data within the 2 databases, and identify data that does not match?  I am considering using the "document compare" feature in MS word, but feel that there may be products available that are specialize in performing this comparison.

Will you please suggest methods to perform this comparison?
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What you are considering as far as querying the databases is what I have done, quick and easy.
mabobbinAuthor Commented:
Were there any commercial tools that can identify where the data does not match, I am concerned that since word is not optimized for this type of comparison, I may end up spending lots of time dealing with special cases.  

In reading my original statement of the problem, I failed to mention that the databases are quite large 15 MB, with thousands of records.
karlovaCommented: (I have not used it but it looks like what your looking for)

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Hi mabobbin.
There are standard feature in MS Access named "replication". It allows you to create "replicas" and sinchronize them. You just need to read about replication in Online Help.

karlova: about Total Access Detective.

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