usind Tmediaplayer

I've been using the Tmediaplayer for a while now playing mpeg videos. I'm wondering why some mpegs play and some don't play.  Does anyone know why some don't play?  The Windows media player, for example, will play all mpeg videos I have tried..... (It just shows blank). (I'm using D3.)
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Phoenix_sConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you might not have the required codec for that particular style of mpeg.  The windows media player will autodownload a codec if it can't find it, and I am pretty darn sure the TMediaPlayer component doesn't have that kind of functionality.  I guess the thing here is something to do with the new mpeg4 codec where you may be running into problems.

intrigued... most assuredly.. I will look into this little conundrum further.
jexd99Author Commented:
I'm not connected or downloading anything with the Windows media player, but it may be that the D3 media player is outdated (but I wouldn't think so).  

Any idea how long mpeg4 has been around?
Do you know how I can tell if an mpeg video is mpeg3 or 4 as you stated, as I would like to narrow this down and run a couple tests.

I'm really not trying to compare this with Windows media player, but just wondering why other media players I have tried will play all mpg videos, yet the D3 media player will play "most", but not all.  The D3 player seems a little useless in this case :)  (although later versions may not be any better)
Yah, the D3 media player I think is rather primitive in it's own way.  

as for how long Mpeg4 has been around... no idea although I believe it's been about a year maybe.  

For determining the mpeg type of a file.. hehe... I would suggest looking at a mpeg faq or something... or an RFC perhaps?

jexd99Author Commented:
Thanks for the info, I may have to search for a different component on this one... :)
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