code to detect when an App has been closed

What's the code/syntax to detect if someone shuts down an App using the close button in the upper right corner,
versus exit in the file menu, which is just end. The system resources are getting locked up.
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It is the form unload event which always occurs when the x button is pressed.

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Try this as an example.
Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)

msgbox "unloading"
End Sub

within this event you can write code which will free up your system resources.

You can also wirte code which will make that little x become disabled when you run your project.
In the QueryUnLoad event check the value of the UnloadMode variable:

vbFormControlMenu = 0 The user chose the Close command from the Control menu on the form. Or [X] button.
vbFormCode = 1 The Unload statement is invoked from code.
vbAppWindows =2 The current Microsoft Windows operating environment session is ending.
vbAppTaskManager = 3The Microsoft Windows Task Manager is closing the application.
vbFormMDIForm = 4 An MDI child form is closing because the MDI form is closing.
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One last thing.  I will provide you with the code to disable that little x if you would like.
Didn't mean to answer so quickly, fell free to reject the answer.
Do not use END in your application to terminate it.  Use instead:
Unload Me
which will free the resources and trigger the QueryUnload and Unload events.
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Thank You Very Much!!!
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