Treeview nodes & tooltips

I have a treeview control with several child nodes.
Each node has a different effect on my program and
I would like to state what they do as a tooltip for each
respective node.

Be default, the tooltip displayed is equal to the nodes
text. How can I make it display something else?

Please be clear in your answer.

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If you don't mind using the tag value of the nodes created, this should do what you are looking for:

This just uses a loop to build a bunch of nodes.  You can eaisly replace the loader with your specific items.
This code will run on a new form with a new treeview control.

Private Sub Form_Load()
   Dim cNode As Node
   Dim sItem As String
   Dim sTool As String
   Dim i As Integer
   Dim j As Integer
   Dim sItemChild As String
   For i = 1 To 10
      sItem = "Test Item " & i
      sTool = "Tool Tip " & i
      Set cNode = Me.TreeView1.Nodes.Add(, tvwChild, "Key" & i, sItem)
      cNode.Tag = sTool
      For j = 1 To 5
         sItemChild = "Test Child Item " & i & "," & j
         sTool = "Tool Tip " & i & "," & j
         Set cNode = Me.TreeView1.Nodes.Add(cNode, tvwChild, "Key" & i & "-" & j, sItemChild)
         cNode.Tag = sTool
End Sub

Private Sub TreeView1_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, y As Single)
   Dim cNode As Node
   Set cNode = TreeView1.HitTest(x, y)
   If TypeName(cNode) <> "Nothing" Then
      TreeView1.ToolTipText = cNode.Tag

      TreeView1.ToolTipText = ""
   End If
End Sub

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