no "program" tab in shortcut properties

I'm using NT 4.0 Workstation, and am trying to set up a shortcut to run an application with a certain .INI file.  The NT help says to open the shortcut properties, select the "program" tab, and type in the command line with the setup file option.  Trouble is, the only tabs I see under the shortcut properties are "general" and  "shortcut" (no "program").  If I try to add the option to the "target" field in the "shortcut" tab, that doesn't get accepted.  Any ideas why I might not be getting the "program" tab for the shortcut?

Specifically, I'm trying to run TeraTerm and want the shortcut's command line to be
"C:\Program Files\TTERMPRO\ttermpro /f=mysetup.ini"
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you're in the right place, command line option go in the Target box of the Shortcut tab.  try this
"C:\program files\ttermpro\ttermpro" /f=mysetp.ini

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plasmaboiAuthor Commented:
Ah, the option *outside* the quotes. :)  I guess it does pay to experiment a little more...  thanks!  (Does it seem a bit strange, though, that the NT help advises to type into a nonexistent field under a nonexistent tab in the properties?)
nt's help or this 3rd party program's help?
remember that the quotes surpress spaces... the 1st way told the computer to look for the file
"C:\program files\ttermpro\ttermpro /f=mysetp.ini"
the 2nd way splits this up into a file and an argument
plasmaboiAuthor Commented:
Gotcha on the logic with the quotes.  :)   I guess I haven't often enough had occasion to do command line stuff under windows to really get used to the syntax.
As for which help, yes it was the NT help that said to look for the "programs" tab and "command line" field.  This wouldn't surprise me much from a 3rd party, but in MS's help for its own product?  Ah well.  :)
what the nt help was refering to is another type of shortcut - known as a pif - to a dos program
if you want to see this for yourself take a dos program, ie c:\ and make a shortcut to it.  it will have a program tab and command line field
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