Can windows software run in Linux?

Somebody said some windows based software could run on  Linux?
It is true?
If it true, how can I do it?
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vioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actualy with VMWARE you can run whole OS as programm and even NT with its own fs. And even more - you can play windows games! with sound and all drivers.
And if you close window of windows9x next time you boot your computer from win partition - windows will run scandisk becouse they`ll tink YOU shutdowned computer via reset of OFF button:-).
Doh thats lots of fun - just have enough RAM.
download it from here:
There are two ways you can try to do this:
1 - FREE - use WINE (
2 - Commercial programs like VMWARE(
VMWARE is too cool!  Ya definite gotta check this one out.  It costs about $99.
liluqunAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer!!
Good luck!!
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