Printing From OE4

I have a powermac 7100, Outlook express 4, and a TexasInstruments Printer. I try to print from OE4, but all that comes out is a BLACK page (no, i'm not using black paper).

I can print fine from Netscape Navigator 3's Messenger, and I don't want to end up copying and pasting into Simpletext, every email I want to print out.

anyone know of a fix?
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Hi, Skutter.

Since you can print just fine from other applications, the most likely problem is that Outlook Express is set to print items in HTML Mode. This option basically prints e-mail messages as if they were Web documents, complete with colored backgrounds. It's likely that the "background" of the Outlook message (no matter what color it is) can't be rendered properly by the printer. Perhaps your printer setting is set for black and white-only printing (as opposed to halftones, which give you grays as well).

Try searching Outlook's preferences and change the e-mail format. I know you use Outlook 4, and I am not sure that this is an available option on that version. Outlook Express 5.0 has just arrived, which DOES allow you to set the e-mail message viewing format to "text only". You might want to download this new version--it's got some great new features that are useful.

When printing, in the Print dialog box, try locating any print setting options for halftone printing and turn them on.

Good luck.

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SkutterAuthor Commented:
I have since upgraded to OE5, and although I couldn't find the option for the way OE4 prints, OE5 does work (although it's not as nice as OE4), but that doesn't matter
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